Fruit Flies Vs. Gnats

Fruit Flies Vs Gnats

Gnats and fruit flies, although both small insects that resemble tiny flies, are actually different. Despite their many similarities, its important that an individual can tell them apart. This is because an infestation from either can be quite problematic, as both are prone to quickly reproduce and cause problems in the home. Due to their different behaviors and breeding grounds, knowing the difference is essential to dealing with these pests. In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between gnats and fruit flies, and how to remove them.  

Fruit Flies

fruit flies in a house

Fruit flies are attracted to fruit and produceoften decayed or rotting. These small flies are also attracted to fermented foods and drinks. Used as a breeding ground to reproduce and spread bacteriafruit flies are notorious for food contaminationFurthermore, the female fruit fly has a high reproduction rate and can lay up to 500 eggs that hatch after only a day. This causes them to be difficult to manage. However, knowing their common areas are key. Most fruit flies like to congregate in groups in drains, empty containers, trash bins, and mop buckets. This information can help determine whether you have fruit flies or gnats. 



Gnats, similar to fruit flies, do not cause any major damage to homes. However, they are prone to spreading bacteria through biting. Their small body, long legs and long veiny wings help to distinguish them from other flies. Unlike fruit flies, these tiny black flies are generally found flying solo, rather than in a group. They are usually attracted to moist soil, food spillage, overwatered plants, leaks/puddles, decomposing foods, and over-ripened fruits. 

How to Get Rid of Gnats and Fruit Flies

Taking preventative measures is key to preventing a fly infestation. As these pests have a high reproduction rate, they are often difficult to remove once a home is infested. It is best that flies be dealt with as early as possible. 

Removing Fruit Flies

Since fruit flies breed quickly and in large amounts, it is important that this pest be dealt with as soon as possible. Follow the below tips to help remove these pests from your home: 

  • Pour bleach down drains in your bathroom and kitchen to kill any infestation inside the drains. 
  • Remove any trash, fruit, or spoiled produce in your home. These are some of their preferred breeding grounds. 
  • Using products containing bleach, clean and ventilate all areas where fruit flies were seen. 

If the above methods do not fully remove fruit flies from your home, The Bug Master offers a free inspection to determine the best course of action to take.

Removing Gnats

Removing gnats before they can reproduce into an infestation is imperative. Once an infestation occurs, it may be difficult to remove this pest without the help from a professional. Follow the below tips to help reduce these small black flies from your home: 

  • Keep your home free of trash and always keep your trash covered. 
  • Remove rotten and spoiled foods. 
  • Check and remove any leaks or puddles within your home. 
  • Reduce condensation around windows and doors. 
  • Trap gnats with pools of vinegar mixed with dish soap. This makes it difficult for gnats to take off, as the soap weighs down their wings. 

Although gnats and fruit flies may resemble each other, they are vastly different. Depending on the area they are congregating in, distinguishing the two can be quite easy. Knowing breeding grounds, common areas they frequent, and what types of food they prefer is the best indication of whether you have gnats or fruit flies. However, it may not always be easy to remove these pests. Instead, bringing in trained professionals may need to be the answer.  

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