Hotel Pest Control

Hotel Pest Control

Hotel Pest Control services

Hotels are one of the most common facilities that need pest monitoring and pest removal. Furthermore, hotels must comply with a range of laws and regulations in regard to safety and health. Since pests can easily enter the facility through frequent travelers, pest control is important to business so that customers have a safe and clean environment that will encourage them to become repeat customers. Take measures now to treat and prevent a pest problem to save money from future infestations.

Our Hotel Pest Control Services

Whether it’s for breakfast areas, kitchens, or just hotel rooms, The Bug Master provides pest control for all areas of a hotel. The following are the types of pests that our services are geared towards:

Cost to Have Pest Control in Hotel Industry

The costs for pest control in the hotel industry are dependent on the type of services needed and can change from case to case. The size of the hotel, type of pest, frequency, and amount of rooms are all factors that can contribute to the final quote provided. Get a free consultation and inspection today, The Bug Master will offer their best price each time.

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Why Choose The Bug Master

The specialists at The Bug Master are pest control professionals that can help with your every pest need. Along with providing excellent service, The Bug Master offers a 24-7 call center service and 35 years of experience.


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“Even though I was indulged in a conference phone call during the process, Rod took his time, inspected the entire premises and provided me with quality, affordability and professionalism. I highly recommend this company for your company and or your home! I thank you for your time as well as your patience.”— Aimee Grace


“I love that a technician will come out on the same day when I call with a pest emergency. Pest control is something I will never skimp on and having a quick responding company for unforeseen events makes all the difference.” — Kendall Thomas


“We've worked with Bug Master for years. They are very professional, responsive and knowledgeable. Any questions I have are answered. I enjoy working with them.”— Aimee Davis


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Areas Served

Does your hotel need a pest control professional? The Bug Master offers pest control services to Austin, Temple, and Waco, Texas.