How to Remove Birds From Your Property and Keep it That Way

how can birds be removed

Americans spend $5 billion every year in order to control termite infestations and control termite damage. But there’s another type of infestation that, while different from a termite or cockroach problem, can cause just as much stress and chaos: birds.

So how can birds be removed from the home? Your best bet is to work with professional bird removal services. If you attempt to rid your home of one or more birds, you could end up having even more problems on your hands. Professionals can answer your question of how can birds be removed as quickly and safely as possible.

In addition to removing these birds from your home, you should be doing everything you can to keep them away from your property. Here are some tips for keeping birds away from your yard and your home:

  • Throw up a scarecrow — If you are starting to notice more and more birds on your property, you’re going to have to act. Having a scarecrow on your yard might look silly, but it will do a great job of scaring birds away. It’s best to move your scarecrow around every few days to keep the birds from getting comfortable with it around.
  • Activate sprinklers — Though you can’t have a sprinkler constantly run in some areas of your property, simply turning on a sprinkler every once in a while can work great for deterring birds from landing around your property. Installing motion-activated sprinklers will work the best.
  • Introduce them to the dog — If you have a dog, let them run around outside and show the birds who is boss. Borer collies, sheepdogs, and a few other breeds love chasing birds and are actually quite good at it. A single sheepdog at the beach during peak hours can reduce seagull numbers by nearly 99%.

If you’re in need of immediate rodent or pest control services and need to know how can birds be removed quickly and harmlessly from your property, contact The Bug Master right away.