Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home FOR GOOD

hiring an exterminator

Cockroaches, for lack of a better term, are yucky. Imagine coming home after a long day of work, sitting down to eat a hot plate of food, and seeing multiple, fat cockroaches scattering throughout your kitchen. Think you’ll be able to sleep soundly that night? Probably not.

A single cockroach can give you and your family nightmares and there is never just one roach inside your home. If there is one, there are likely many, many more. That’s why you should act right away to keep those unwanted bugs away from your home for good. You can’t just grab a broom or a bucket of water and try and scare cockroaches out of your home yourself, though. Cockroaches can survive being submerged underwater for 30 minutes and can live a week without their heads… You need to consult with the pros to ensure your home is cockroach free.

Hiring an exterminator is clearly your best bet when it comes to escorting cockroaches away from your property for good. But at some point, whether it’s before the infestation even rears its head or immediately after roach exterminators worked their magic, you’re going to need to focus on preventing cockroaches from entering your home ever again.

After hiring an exterminator and addressing your current cockroach problem, it’s time to start cockroach-proofing your home. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your home cockroach free and preventing major infestations down the line:

  • Clean your home — If you have leftover food all over your countertops, piles of dirty clothes on the floor, and other areas of clutter inside your home, cockroaches just hit the jackpot. Bugs love filth, so it’s imperative to keep your home extremely clean so those creepy crawlers get the hint that they are not welcome.
  • Secure your home’s entrances — If you have large openings underneath your doors or cracks in or around your windows, you might as well hang a “cockroaches welcome” sign on your home. That summer breeze might feel nice with your doors and windows open, but you need to at least have a durable screen protecting cockroaches and other pests from freely entering your home.
  • Regularly inspect your home — You don’t have to be a bug master to identify pests inside your home. Even if there are no signs of bugs around your property, walking around and looking at every inch of your home can at least give you an advantage when it comes to keeping them out. If you notice any damage to your home’s structure, moist areas, or other issues, it’s time to act right away.

If you’re thinking about hiring an exterminator and want to find a company that specializes in organic pest control, give The Bug Master a call today and rid your home of any unwanted pests.