Pest Control Methods That Aren’t Going to Fly Anymore: Reasons to Go Green

organic pest control

Most people think going green is only relevant to actions and activities such as recycling some plastic here or there or choosing to walk instead of drive to the park.

However, many industries have made the effort to adopt green, all-natural procedures or produce environmentally friendly products. You can even elect to use organic pest control products for extermination instead of harsh chemicals. If simply hearing the words “organic” didn’t convince you right away, here are some benefits of natural pest control that might help you make the switch.

Better for the Environment
Even though this was implied from words like “eco-friendly” and “organic,” it’s still an important feature to highlight. Similar to pesticides for crops, chemical-based pest control products can have an extremely harmful effect on the environment. Not only is the surrounding area directly affected when you use typical pest control sprays, but it can affect a much wider radius of the environment due to runoff. Parts of the eco-system such as the animals, soil, and even the surrounding water can all be negatively affected by harsh chemical sprays. Green pest control sprays are often plant-based and don’t damage the environment upon use.

Less Tolerance
Pests and insects can actually build up a tolerance to traditional sprays. Therefore the only way to keep the sprays from being completely useless is to either change the composition or make them stronger. Stronger chemicals mean more damage to the environment, and to your home. If chemical sprays linger in or around your home, they can have adverse effects on you, your children, and your pets. Organic pest control sprays make it more difficult for pests to build up an immunity.

Healthier Results
Most chemical based sprays have a routine where you’re supposed to apply the product every month or so, or have an exterminator come by every so often for a respray. That means each time you spray those chemicals, you’re exposing yourself and your family to potential harm again and again. Using biologically-based sprays can help lower your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Some organic sprays also don’t need to be applied as often as chemical sprays do.

Even if you’re still on the fence about organic pest control products, you should invest in professional extermination services for your residence or commercial property. A queen termite can live for almost 30 years and infest your property for as long, if not longer. Using a professional exterminator (equipped with the latest in organic sprays) to eradicate your home or place of business from pests and insects can keep it structurally sound as well as sanitary.